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Here our core partners

We work together with more than 100 european and worldwide leading brand manufacturers. Here is an extract.

Glaxo Smithkline

Parodontax, Odol, Dr. Best, Corega, Sensodyne and Abtei.


Excellent batteriy products for a large application area like toys & games, music & sound, photo & visual, clocks & hearing aids.


producer of Cliff, Credeo, Kamill, Burti, Glysolid, Kamill and Litamin


Fa Bodycare, Drei-Wetter-Taft, Polycolor, Schauma, Gliss, AOK, Diaderma.

Haribo Gold bears

Happy world of Haribo gummy bears, worldwide popular


Large brands like Gillette men or women Razor Systems and Care.

SCA Paper products

SCA Brands: Bess, Tempo, Bounty, Charmin, Danke, Tena und Zewa


Manufacturer of strong brands like Pringles, Mr. Proper, Blend-a-med, Always, Bounty, Oil-of-Olaz, Ariel, Pantene, Lenor, Pampers, Charmin, Wick, Braun, Oral B, Dash, Head&Shoulders and more.

Henkel Chemestry

Henkel detergents and cleaning products. Brands like: Persil, Perwoll, Somat, Sofix, Sapur, Weißer Riese, Spee, Dato, Pril, General, Ata, Biff, Bref, Dor, Sidol, Sidolin, WC Ente.


The William Wrigley Jr. Company with total sales about 4,7 billion dollars excites end consumers in over 180 countries by the combination of quality, extraordinary product innovations and a long-standing tradition.


The Beiersdorf AG wins end consumers with strong brands like NIVEA, HIDRO FUGAL, LABELLO, HANSAPLAST, ATRIX, 8x4 etc.


Oralcare with the brand Colgate, bodycare with the brands Palmolive and Gard, household care with the brands Ajax, Dan Klorix, Softlan, Palmolive.