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Halajot Deutschland GmbH „The Partner with the all-round trading program“

We are your trading partner for drugstore and OTC products in Germany and Europe.

Whiskas Knuspertaschen 90g

WHISKAS KNUSPERTASCHEN Becher mit Lachs, Rind oder Huhn 90g (60g+50%) ...


Crave dog food Adult Pastete 400g

Getreidefreies Nassfutter für ausgewachsene Hunde, artgerechte Ernährung mit viel Fleisch, hoher...


HiPP Babysanft Feuchttücher NATURAL zart duftend (2x60 Stück)

HiPP Babysanft Feuchttücher NATURAL zart duftend, mit 2x60 Doppeltüchern welche durch Perforation...


HiPP Babysanft Feuchttücher NATURAL Aqua (2x60 Stück)

HiPP Babysanft Feuchttücher NATURAL Aqua, mit 2x60 Doppeltüchern welche durch Perforation in 240...


Gillette Blue II Fix Einweg Rasierer

Gillette Blue II 64er


ZOEY Disposable Medical Face Mask

Verification of CE Registration

Certificate No.: ZY-20200314-01


Pampers - Pharmahandel

Jetzt das aktuelle Sortiment online

Fragen?Konditionen erfahren Sie unter Telefon: 06181 9266 0...


Always Discreet - Pharmahandel

Always & Always Discreet



Das neue Braun ThermoScan® 7 mit Age Precision® IRT6520. Aktionspreis "bitte telefonisch erfragen"


Domestos WC Stein

Domestos WC Stein


NEU+NEU+NEU Hipp Babysanft Windeln

Das Hipp Babysanft Windel Konzept


Dentinox Produkte

Die Hilfreichen fürs Kind - aus dem Hause Dentinox


Huggies Happies Baby-Pflegetücher 100 Stück

EAN 5029053567952

PZN 14221303


Pigmentan distribution products

You are able to buy products of „Pigmentan“ as end consumer from any pharmacy or online at...


Full Service Package

We can offer a full service package

Distribution - Storage - Order Picking

We also have a pharmaceutical license.

Upon request, Halajot will ship the goods directly to your customers, we create all necessary documents for you.

If you want start business in Germany we are specialized to help U.S.A. Companies.

We are your supplier

We are dependable suppliers for the official allocation and acquisition centers as well as purchasing society's of city councils.
For Foundations and Aid Agencies.

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With Halajot as partners on the safe side.

Piracy - trademark infringement !

In trademark infringement is liable not only the producer or distributor but now the trade.Background: Almost unnoticed was introduced following the implementation of the "Enforcement Directive" of the EU (No. 2004/48/EC) on 1.09.2008 in the Trademark Act § 18.

The law includes the liability and the return of all goods up to the promotional material. Everything is finally removed from the channels that can be expensive. To fulfill the right to recall must also be included, the downstream distribution system, including freight forwarders and warehouse manager. To ask one by appropriate public or direct averaging return all products delivered and the related purchase price refund.

The Halajot Deutschland GmbH as a premium delivery partner, you are always on the safe side. We can guarantee the complete removal of trademark infringement. Piracy you can not happen here because we deal only product from a direct link.

- We are fighting for originals from fakes - 


Supplier for the big brands regular and stock products

Halajot, the trading company for resellers and wholesalers for drugstore and OTC products.
For over 50 years we have been trading with the current sortiment as well as with remnants.

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