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Halajot Deutschland GmbH „The Partner with the all-round trading program“

We are your trading partner for drugstore and OTC products in Germany and Europe.

Fairy‘s Aktionsgröße

Fairys Großgröße in 800ml


Zur gezielten Ansprache von Konsumenten, die große Flaschen kaufen.



Aussi Spray Conditioner

The hair saves the scent of aussi. Ideal for compromised or damaged ‘dos....


Gillette Value Pack Comfort Glide

Handpiece + 3 blades


Blend-a-med +33%

blend-a-med Complete Protect 7 extra frisch 75ml +33% free

blend-a-med Complete Protect 7...


Gillette Sensor 3 Cool

Shaver 4 + 2


Sensitive Gel 200 ml


Aussie dry shampoo

New Sorts of Aussie Dry Shampoo


Blend-a-med 3+1 Pack Tube 75ml + GRATIS Complete Protect 7

Verfügbar in den Variantenkombinationen Frisch/Extra Frisch, Weiß/Kristallweiß, Kräuter/Natürliche...


Pampers Baby Aqua Pure

Baby aqua pure towels 48 pc


Knoppers Aktionswochen

Wenn morgens um halb zehn der erste Schwung Arbeit getan ist, dann ist Knoppers genau das Richtige:...


Swiffer Starterset + 3 Towels

•Dust remover Starterset + 3 Towels


Oral B Grosspackungen Aufsteckbürsten

•Precision Clean durch 7+1er oder 8+2er Precision Clean

•CrossAction durch 7+1er oder 8+2er...


Fairy dish saop

•Original 520ml

•Zitrone 520ml

•Granatapfel 520ml

•Mandarine/Ingwer 520ml


Oral-B 4+1

Precision Clean 4+1


Always Discreet Angebot ab Februar 2018

Angebot ab Februar 2018


Blend-a-med 3DW Whitening

blend-a-med 3DW Whitening Therapy Sensitiv Whitening 75ml


blend-a-med 3DW Whitening Therapy...


Pigmentan distribution products

You are able to buy products of „Pigmentan“ as end consumer from any pharmacy or online at...


Febreze Fragrant Plug

Fragrant Plug device


Refillpacks:Lenor Aprilfrisch, Frühlingserwachen, Thai Orchidee oder gegen...


Ariel Formelverbesserungen Februar 2018

Die neuen Ariel 3in1 Pods



nimm2 Lolly

Tolle Aktionspreise


Neueinführung von Pampers Splashers Schwimmwindeln ab 3.4.2018

Sitzt wie eine Badehose - Schützt wie eine Pampers Windel


Neu von Gillette, der weltweiten #1 in Einwegrasierern

Gillette2 5er 

Blue2 Plus 5er 

Blue3 Simple 4+1 

Sensor3 Sensitive 4+2


Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer

Better view and control through T-shaped head

Optimum mobility through the slim and lightweight...


Toffifee Ostern

jetzt schnell noch bestellen.


Full Service Package

We can offer a full service package

Distribution - Storage - Order Picking

We also have a pharmaceutical license.

Upon request, Halajot will ship the goods directly to your customers, we create all necessary documents for you.

If you want start business in Germany we are specialized to help U.S.A. Companies.

We are your supplier

We are dependable suppliers for the official allocation and acquisition centers as well as purchasing society's of city councils.
For Foundations and Aid Agencies.

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With Halajot as partners on the safe side.

Piracy - trademark infringement !

In trademark infringement is liable not only the producer or distributor but now the trade.Background: Almost unnoticed was introduced following the implementation of the "Enforcement Directive" of the EU (No. 2004/48/EC) on 1.09.2008 in the Trademark Act § 18.

The law includes the liability and the return of all goods up to the promotional material. Everything is finally removed from the channels that can be expensive. To fulfill the right to recall must also be included, the downstream distribution system, including freight forwarders and warehouse manager. To ask one by appropriate public or direct averaging return all products delivered and the related purchase price refund.

The Halajot Deutschland GmbH as a premium delivery partner, you are always on the safe side. We can guarantee the complete removal of trademark infringement. Piracy you can not happen here because we deal only product from a direct link.

- We are fighting for originals from fakes - 


Supplier for the big brands regular and stock products

Halajot, the trading company for resellers and wholesalers for drugstore and OTC products.
For over 50 years we have been trading with the current sortiment as well as with remnants.

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